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Aloha Keeping A Senior Dog Healthy

October 3, 2022
As your dog ages, he’ll go through various changes, just as people do. You’ll need to adjust your buddy’s care regimen over time. This is one area where small changes add up to big ones. Read on as a local Las Vegas, NV vet lists some things you can do to keep your pet healthy.

Good Diet

Your pet will never outgrow the need for proper nutrition. A proper diet can help prevent obesity, and can also reduce the risks of several common problems, such as cancer, kidney disease, and heart disease. However, our canine pals don’t all age at the same pace, and they don’t all need the same diet. Talk to your vet before changing Fido’s food.

Light Exercise

Fido won’t be as bouncy or mischievous as he once was, but he’ll always need some activity, such as a walk around the block or, if he likes water, a supervised warm water swim. Stick with safe, suitable exercises and don’t overdo it.

Safety Measures

Fido will become more vulnerable as he ages, as he won’t be as quick to spot or react to potential threats. He also won’t be as agile, and can easily be injured by things like falls. Keep your pooch fenced in, and fence off pools and stairwells.

Veterinary Care

Healthcare is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Your canine companion should see his vet at least once a year. However, pooches with medical issues will need more frequent visits. In between visits, pay a lot of attention to your furry buddy, and watch for signs of illness. Call your vet right away if you spot anything off.


Mental stimulation is also important. Playing is great for this! You’ll want to adjust your pup’s activity levels over time. As Fido grows older, start choosing activities that make your furry friend focus are better than strenuous activities.


Senior dogs get stiff and sore easily, and they’re more bothered by weather fluctuations than younger ones. Give Fido a good, thick bed. He may also need pet ramps or stairs, and, of course, lots of petting.


Poor grooming is much more concerning than a stinky dog. Grooming can prevent mats, skin problems, parasitic infections, and other issues. Dogs are also more comfortable when they are clean and soft. That includes paw and dental care! If you have any questions about caring for your older pet, contact Aloha Animal Hospital, your Las Vegas, NV pet hospital.

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