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The bond between humans and animals is nothing new. In fact, it’s been studied for centuries. What comes as no surprise is how we’re able to connect with our pets on such a personal level…how they speak to us without ever uttering a word. How the nudge from a wet nose, the wag of a tail or the rhythmic sound of contented purring can brighten even the darkest day.

At Aloha Animal Hospital, we know how much your furry, feathered or scale-covered companion means to you. That’s because each one of us shares a similar kinship with our own animal family members. Working with pets isn’t just a job to us. It’s a passion that’s evident in each and every interaction.

We offer state-of-the-art medicine complemented by exceptional service and thorough communication. We’re also one of the only vets in the Las Vegas and Southwest Las Vegas area that treats exotics, including reptiles and koi fish. Whether your pet happens to crawl, fly, slither or swim, we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to keep that little critter happy and healthy.

Are you in the market for a new Las Vegas veterinarian? If so, we hope you’ll consider us! Call or stop by any time.

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    • Kristen WindsorKristen Windsor

      Although my beloved cat didn’t make it. The staff at Aloha were more than caring throughout the appointment. They told it to me straight and didn’t try to gouge me out of money. I would most definitely return here in the future. Thank you Aloha.

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    • Joanne DipasqualeJoanne Dipasquale

      Aloha is the best place I have ever had for my pets. Max is always happy to go there and see Dr. Jason. The staff is terrific. So glad I found them 10 years ago.

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    • Jay Rafols PérezJay Rafols Pérez

      Dr. Jackie basically helped cure our dog from his long-standing skin allergies and helped save his life from a stuck object in his stomach this year. Awesome staff and loving people here.

      Can't say enough my appreciation for this place

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    • Sean M. MooreSean M. Moore

      Really great service here! Dr. Beckes and Technician Candice have been taking care of my little boy for months since he became diagnosed with kidney disease back in the Fall of 2017. As pictures would indicate, he still maintains kidney function and lives a healthy lifestyle months later! Thanks so much to the staff of Aloha for taking care of my bow.

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    • Nate LantzNate Lantz

      Everyone there is very nice and caring. When my dog got sick they were very accommodating and helping.

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    • Brian T.Brian T.

      So far a great experience for our Puppy Nitro. Took our small Pom in to have its skin checked. Was diagnosed quickly (30min in and out) and the staff was... Read More

    • Laurie H.Laurie H.

      I picked up a lil rescue rattie and he was loosing fur, back legs paralyzed.
      None of my vets work on little guys, and I wasn't going to the Park because I... Read More

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