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Las Vegas, NV Veterinary Pet Care!

The bond between humans and animals is nothing new. In fact, it’s been studied for centuries. What comes as no surprise is how we’re able to connect with our pets on such a personal level…how they speak to us without ever uttering a word. How the nudge from a wet nose, the wag of a tail or the rhythmic sound of contented purring can brighten even the darkest day.

At Aloha Animal Hospital, we know how much your furry, feathered or scale-covered companion means to you. That’s because each one of us shares a similar kinship with our own animal family members. Working with pets isn’t just a job to us. It’s a passion that’s evident in each and every interaction.

We offer state-of-the-art medicine complemented by exceptional service and thorough communication. We’re also one of the only vets in the Las Vegas and Southwest Las Vegas area that treats exotics, including reptiles and koi fish. Whether your pet happens to crawl, fly, slither or swim, we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to keep that little critter happy and healthy.

Are you in the market for a new Las Vegas veterinarian? If so, we hope you’ll consider us! Call or stop by any time.

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  • They Like Our Service

    What our clients have to say...

    • Lauren PetefishLauren Petefish

      Amazingly helpful and caring staff!

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    • Sabrina JarczokSabrina Jarczok

      Aloha Animal Hospital is fantastic! We have been going there for 9 years. We even drive across town to go there because they are so passionate and take such great care of our two dogs. They even saved and performed surgery on one of our girls who had cancer. We appreciate all that they do. I can't say enough about all the employees! The front desk, techs, and all doctors are amazing! Everyone we have referred to them have been happy as well. Thank you for for all your love and time with our girls!

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    • Roland JonRoland Jon

      Excellent staff and service ... highly recommend!!

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    • Patty CliftonPatty Clifton

      The best doctors ever. They have help our cats and taught us so much. So glad we found them.

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    • Amanda MarieAmanda Marie

      I have been taking my cats here for a couple years now and I am overall happy with the care I have received here. One thing I wish would change is that they would provide more assistance with filling pet insurance (trupanion) pre-approvals and claims. I was told today I would need to call trupanion myself to start the pre-approval process (other vets I have been to did that for me) and when I called trupanion I was told the majority of the pre-approval form needs to be completed by the vet anyway. I'm hoping they are open Monday (since it's a holiday) so I can contact them about this. And I am hoping I can email the form as having to drive there when I was just there just to drop off a form would be very inconvenient. Also, I was told they do not accept direct pay from trupanion so I will have to foot the almost $1000 bill and then wait for trupanion to reimburse me. Every other vet I've ever been to has accepted direct pay (where trupanion pays them and then I just pay what ever trupanion didn't cover). If Aloha could get more intergrated with pet insurance claims that'd be great especially since they advertise trupanion in their hospital.

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    • Marcia AlexanderMarcia Alexander

      Dr. Jason and Dr. Jamie took exceptional care of my animals(kitty & puppy Schiesl). when we moved to Hawaii they helped us get everything in line for the move, so we could have an immediate release at the airport. I have never felt such compassion and care from veterinarian's before. Puppy has been in Hawaii and thriving as an active and happy blind dog for 4 years. I can't say enough for this place and just wish I lived closer so I could continue to see everyone on a weekly basis.

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    • Diane M IuliucciDiane M Iuliucci

      My hedgehog Sparkle was probably near death. They gave her a 50/50 chance. The staff at Aloha was fabulous and gave her the best care. She pulled through and I was amazed. I can't imagine how difficult it is to work on a cranky hedgehog. I owe them everything and my kids were so excited and happy. Thank you Aloha!!!! Here she is when she got home.

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    • Ryen IdicaRyen Idica

      Great staff clean facility

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