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Aloha Animal Hospital is pleased to offer remote healthcare services for our established clients and patients. With e-consults, you can easily schedule and hold a virtual appointment from the comfort of your home whenever your pet is sick or injured. We offer e-consults via Petriage. With Petriage, clients can triage their pet’s clinical signs for urgency, request an e-consult with an Aloha Vet (during business hours) or access an outsourced nurse hotline after hours. Click the button above to sign up or login.

While telemedicine cannot replace the benefits of an in-person exam, it may serve as an adjunctive means without requiring you to bring your pet into the clinic. With an e-consultation, the doctor can assist in diagnosing and managing a variety of conditions. We will also be able to determine whether your pet needs to be seen, by whom (our team or perhaps an emergency clinic), and with what degree of urgency. 

Because animals cannot verbally communicate how they are feeling, veterinarians rely heavily on physical exams and testing to accurately diagnose a patient. Therefore, when in doubt, the recommendation will always be to schedule an in-person appointment.  

Please note that due to Nevada law, veterinarians are not permitted to diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication without an existing “Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship” (VCPR).  The current standard of care to satisfy this requirement is a physical exam of the patient within one calendar year. Therefore, e-consultations are only available to active clients whose pets have received an in-person physical exam within the last twelve months.

If you are a new client or have a pet that is not up to date on their annual checkup, we can offer advice and make general recommendations but cannot officially diagnose or dispense medication. 

Have questions or concerns about telehealth or any of our other services? Contact Aloha Animal Hospital today. We are here to help!

If you think your pet is experiencing a true emergency when Aloha is closed, please find our recommended emergency service providers here.

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