Our Veterinarians

Dr. Jamie Sulliban
Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Jamie Sulliban has had pets in her life from her earliest memory. She remembers constantly running up to stray animals to hug them, much to her mother’s chagrin! Dr. Sulliban’s personal experiences with the earth’s wonderful creatures made one thing very clear: a career in veterinary medicine was the perfect path for her.

Dr. Sulliban—Dr. Jamie to her clients—grew up in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended West Virginia University for her undergraduate studies and, thanks to an advanced biology course in high school, was able to apply for veterinary school a year early. Dr. Jamie earned her veterinary degree from Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, then started her career in general practice. After working for another veterinarian for five years and becoming the Medical Director of a progressive veterinary hospital, Dr. Jamie and her husband decided that they were ready to branch out on their own. Aloha Animal Hospital was born!

Dr. Sulliban’s favorite part of her job is the people she gets to work with on a daily basis. Together with her team, she’s able to impart all of the information and knowledge she can in order to improve the lives of the area’s pets—for her, nothing beats partnering with a loving pet owner to better the life of an animal.

Along with her husband and business partner, Dr. Jason Sulliban, Dr. Jamie has three wonderful boys named Max, Alex, and Colby. The family shares their lives with four rescued dogs—Milo the neurologic Chihuahua; pit bull mix Primo; a black-and-white pit bull mix named Oreo; and a loveable pit bull/Boxer mix named Stella—as well as a pair of cats named Pickles and Fannie, a parrot who goes by Pogo, and a 3,000-gallon pond full of koi fish.

When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital or spending time with her own pets at home, Dr. Jamie enjoys practicing Muay Thai martial arts, working out with her family, and staying involved with her children’s school activities and sports teams.
Dr. Jason Sulliban
Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Jason Sulliban was born and raised in Hawaii, and has always strived to put a little “aloha!” in everything he does. He’s proud to bring his own brand of family-centered, compassionate veterinary care to the pet owners and animals of Las Vegas!

Dr. Jason’s veterinary journey began back in Hawaii, where he started as a kennel attendant at a local animal-care facility. It didn’t take him long to realize that he wanted to do more to help pets, so he decided to dedicate himself to animal medicine by becoming a licensed veterinarian.

Together with his wife, Dr. Jamie Sulliban, Dr. Jason opened Aloha Animal Hospital in late 2007 after two busy years building the facility and hand-picking the staff. His favorite parts of the job are meeting new families, problem-solving on a daily basis, and working closely with his talented team to improve the lives of the area’s pets.

Dr. Jason is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and tries to train at least three to five hours per week. He also spends much of his free time coaching two soccer teams at his boys’ school. He and Dr. Jamie have three sons—Max, Alex, and Colby—all of whom are accomplished wrestlers. The family has several pets of their own at home, including four dogs, a pair of cats, a parrot, and many koi fish.
Dr. Anne Beckes
Associate Veterinarian
Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Anne Beckes was first introduced to the medical field by her father, who worked as an IV specialist nurse. Dr. Beckes, though, realized that she wanted to use her fascination with medicine in another avenue: animal care. For her, veterinary medicine was the natural choice!

Dr. Beckes received her undergraduate degree in biotechnology, accompanied by minors in chemistry and biology, from Utah State University. She then earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University, where she was the ophthalmology student of her class in her graduation year of 2011. After working at another animal clinic nearby, Dr. Beckes joined the Aloha Animal Hospital family in the fall of 2014 and has been here ever since.

In addition to her interest in ophthalmology, Dr. Beckes has a passion for surgery and foreign-body removal; she never ceases to be amazed at the items pets manage to ingest. She is also partial to puppy visits. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy cuddling an adorable puppy on a regular basis?

Apart from her interests in the world of animal care, Dr. Beckes is fond of running and working out, traveling with her husband Chris, hiking through the great outdoors, and craft-making. She and Chris live with four pets of their own, all of whom are named after Lord of the Rings characters: Sauron is a rambunctious pit bull mix puppy; Smeagol is an orange cat who is very motivated by food; Shelub the cat loves to cuddle and tease her furry siblings; and Smaug is the youngest feline member of the family and loves bird-watching and kneading.
Dr. Erin Knickerbocker
Associate Veterinarian
Like many veterinary professionals, Dr. Erin Knickerbocker’s passion began with a childhood love of animals. One of her mother’s favorite stories involves young Dr. Knickerbocker sitting at the neighbor’s fence for hours just to be close to their dog. As she got a bit older, she started to develop a love for science and medicine. Working as a veterinarian just made perfect sense! Now, Dr. Knickerbocker is proud to serve the pets and animal parents of Las Vegas as an Associate Veterinarian.

Dr. Knickerbocker is originally from Columbus, Ohio and attended Ohio State University for both her undergraduate studies and veterinary school. After visiting the western part of the United States on a vacation, she fell in love with the scenery, hiking spots, and sunshine—Dr. Knickerbocker knew that she would love to live here! When an opportunity arose for her to join the team at Aloha Animal Hospital, she jumped at her chance. She’s an Associate Veterinarian with the hospital team, and has special interests in internal medicine, diagnostic work, and animal behavior. Dr. Knickerbocker is particularly passionate about using positive reinforcement and Fear-Free Certification techniques to make every pet’s veterinary visit as enjoyable as possible.

When she’s not at work, Dr. Knickerbocker enjoys spending time outdoors, crafting, and spending time with her dog. She shares her home with Aria, who Dr. Knickerbocker adopted as a puppy from the Humane Society before starting veterinary school.
Dr. Liora Rephael
Associate Veterinarian
Veterinary medicine was always in Dr. Liora Rephael’s blood. Even as a child, turning away sick or orphaned animals was impossible for her—she’s always wanted to do everything in her power to help as many of the earth’s creatures as she possibly could. That’s why Dr. Rephael decided to become a veterinarian! She’s thrilled to care for the pets and animal parents of Las Vegas as a member of the Aloha Animal Hospital team.

Dr. Rephael was born and raised in Israel, and joined the Israeli Defense Force at the age of 18. She served as a combat medic for two years, and then served as a medic in a search-and-rescue unit as part of the Israeli reserves for an additional 12 years. Next, Dr. Rephael earned her Bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology from the University of Haifa, then returned to school to complete her veterinary pre-requisites at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in order to apply to veterinary school in the United States.

Dr. Rephael was accepted to the University of Illinois, and moved from Israel to the U.S. in 2016. She graduated as a licensed veterinarian four years later, then moved to Las Vegas in April of 2020 to launch her career right here at Aloha Animal Hospital. Medially, she’s fond of emergency medicine and surgery because of the way they keep her on her toes—Dr. Rephael prides herself on working well under pressure. Most of all, she loves meeting the area’s pet owners and getting to make a lasting difference in their lives.

When she’s not at work, Dr. Rephael enjoys cooking, taking long walks, and spending quality time with her pets at home. She has a longhaired orange tabby cat, Diego, who came all the way from Israel with Dr. Rephael when she moved, as well as a sweet and gentle Labrador mix named Gia.

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