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How To Pamper A Sugar Glider

September 16, 2022
Sugar gliders are very cute pets, and they are becoming quite popular. Like any other animal, these guys need a proper diet; a clean, comfy habitat; and lots of TLC in order to thrive. They also require enrichment and entertainment. Just how does one pamper a sugar glider? A local Las Vegas, NV vet offers some great suggestions below.


Gliders are very sociable, and really need buddies. We recommend getting at least two. Only house same-sex gliders together, though, unless you’re prepared for babies.


You could almost say that eucalyptus is to sugar gliders what catnip is to cats. Your pets will enjoy eucalyptus treats, but they can also chew small branches. Stick with store-bought products to avoid germs and parasites.


Like most other animals, gliders love treats. You can offer safe, sweet fruits, like banana, watermelon, and papaya; organic applesauce; or pure, unsweetened apple juice. Just don’t go too crazy. Too much sugar is as bad for our pets as it is for us! Sugar gliders also like bugs, such as waxworms or mealworms. Ask your vet for specific advice on this, including portion sizes.

Climbing Walls

Sugar gliders love climbing, so it only stands to reason that they would love climbing walls. Add all sorts of fun features, such as swings, ladders, and branches.

Vine Toys

This is another cute way to indulge your pets’ love of climbing. Fringed ones are particularly popular.


Gliders won’t get excited over diapers: the point is that diapers let you give your pet more time and freedom out of their cage, without worrying about a mess. Don’t leave them on too long, though, as your gliders could get urine burns.


Sugar gliders love hides, especially hanging ones. Make your pets’ cage fun for them by adding tents, pouches, and hammocks. Change and rearrange these things regularly to keep things fun and fresh.


Offer your gliders plenty of toys, such as exercise balls and foraging toys. Many bird toys are also fine. Ask your vet for more information, including safe and unsafe toys.


You can buy or make an apron to wear when interacting with your gliders. These can include all sorts of the things we mentioned above, such as ladders and vine toys. Do you have questions about sugar gliders? Contact us, your Las Vegas, NV animal clinic, today!

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