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World Snake Day

July 15, 2019

Did you know that July 16th is World Snake Day? Snakes aren’t as popular as dogs or cats, but they do have some pretty devoted fans. Read on as a Las Vegas, NV vet discusses some of the ins and outs of owning a snake.


Snakes do have some specific charms. For one thing, they don’t smell, as long as their habitats are kept clean. They’re naturally quiet, so you won’t be dealing with noise complaints from your neighbors. You won’t have to train your pet, or rush home to walk him. Snakes are also a great choice for anyone with allergies. Last but not least, snakes are low maintenance, in that they don’t need much by way of daily care, aside from fresh water.

Things To Consider

There are a few down sides to having snakes. Although some snakes don’t mind being held, they aren’t exactly very cuddly. If you want a pet that you can play with, a snake may not right for you. Diet is another thing to consider. Snakes eat mice and rats, which can be a bit unpleasant for those with weak stomachs. You’ll also need to provide a suitable habitat. With larger snakes, this may mean dedicating a fairly significant area to your reptile. Ask your vet for more information.

Beginner Snakes

Caring for a snake is very different from caring for a dog or cat. Do plenty of research before making a final decision. If you do decide to get a snake, you’ll want to start with one that is gentle, easy to care for, and won’t get too large. Some good options are the Rosy Boa, Gopher snake, California Kingsnake, and Ball Python.


If you choose to buy a snake, it’s important to buy responsibly. It’s not uncommon for captured wild snakes to turn up for sale, particularly at reptile shows and at disreputable pet stores. Wild snakes don’t usually adapt well to life in captivity, and they are more likely to be afflicted with parasites or diseases. Support good animal welfare by going through a good breeder or pet store. If the opportunity arises, you may also want to consider adopting a snake that someone is rehoming.

Please call us, your Las Vegas, NV vet clinic, for all of your pet snake’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to keeping your animal companion happy and healthy!

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