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8 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool

July 1, 2019

Nevada is not known for balmy summers. Our scorching weather can be hard on your dog, so it’s important to take steps to keep Fido cool and comfortable. A Las Vegas, NV vet offers some tips on how to do that in this article.


First and foremost, make sure your pooch always has plenty of cool, fresh water. If your dog has a yard to play in, you’ll need to put bowls outside as well. It’s important to keep these clean. Wild animals, such as toads, may use your pet’s bowls to cool off, and could contaminate them. (Tip: try putting the bowls in a plant urn.) Also, always bring water along for Fido when you take him out and about.

Summer Trim

Dogs with thin coats, such as Dalmatians and Boxers, tend to do best in the heat. If your pet has long fur, he may be cooler with a summer trim. Check with your vet before booking an appointment for your pup, however. This isn’t a good idea for dogs with double coats, as that thick fur actually insulates them.

Cooling Products

Did you know that you can get your dog a cooling jacket, or a cool pad to lie on? These may come in really handy on those sweltering summer days!

Hammock Bed

Hammock beds can also help keep your dog comfy. Because they allow air to flow beneath them, they tend to stay cooler than regular beds.

Kiddie Pool

Let Fido splash around in a kiddie pool on hot days. When he’s done, use the water for plants, so it doesn’t go to waste.


Dogs should live indoors, in climate controlled rooms. However, Fido does enjoy having a yard to play in. Make sure he always has shade outdoors. If you don’t have a tree or doghouse, string up a tarp or blanket for him.

Cold Packs

Fido may enjoy laying on an ice pack or cold towel. Try freezing a towel overnight, and then putting it in his bed.

Ice Capades

Drop an ice cube into Fido’s bowl on hot days. You can also get a doggy freezer mold, and freeze bits of kibble, dog treats, or shredded meat in water or sodium-free broth.

Please contact us, your Las Vegas, NV vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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