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Holiday Safety for Pets

December 15, 2018

The holiday season is ramping up into full swing! It’s always great to spend quality time with our loved ones at this time of year, and enjoy the seasonal food and activities. This can be a dangerous time of year for pets, however, so you’ll want to take some precautions to keep your animal companion safe. Read on as a Las Vegas, NV vet offers some tips on keeping pets safe over the holidays.


It’s fine to give your pet a special treat, but be very careful what you offer. While all of our animal friends have their own specific nutritional needs, there are some foods that should be off-limits to all of them. Never give your pet garlic, onions, scallions, and chives; meat on the bone; raw dough; pitted fruits; chocolate; caffeine; avocado; alcohol; or anything that contains xylitol. Grapes, currants, and raisins are also unsafe for dogs and cats, as are nuts. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Holly, ivy, mistletoe, and lilies are all unsafe for pets. Pine needles, both real and fake, are also dangerous to our animal companions. If you do choose to get these plants, keep them out of paws’ reach!


Those beautifully decorated Christmas trees are often a stunning centerpiece to your holiday decor. However, they are quite hazardous to pets. Ribbons, tinsel, ornaments, and ornament hooks can all choke or entangle playful pets. Edible decorations, such as popcorn strings, are also unsafe. The tree’s water also poses a risk: it may contain residue from toxic chemicals, such as fire retardant, pesticides, or fungicides. If you get a real tree, be sure to cover the bowl.


Candles, fireplaces, and potpourri burners are definitely not pet-safe! Use secure grates before fireplaces, and keep candles and potpourri burners in high, secure places, where pets can’t reach them.


Although your visitors shouldn’t pose any direct threat to your animal companion, it’s important to remember that not everyone knows what is and isn’t safe for pets. Small children may inadvertently offer your animal friend something that isn’t safe for them. Or, a guest may leave a door open just long enough for a dog or cat to run out, or for a bird to fly away. Keep a close eye on your furred or feathered friend!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Las Vegas, NV pet hospital, anytime.

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