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Caring for a Dog That Has Allergies

October 1, 2016

Did you know that, just like people, dogs can suffer from allergies? Fido can have allergic reactions to all sorts of things, from dust to mold to ingredients in his food or shampoo. Allergies aren’t any more fun for our canine friends than they are for us. Below, a Las Vegas, NV veterinarian discusses caring for a dog with allergies.

Veterinary Care

Some of the common signs of allergies in dogs include skin problems; itchiness; vomiting; diarrhea; sneezing; snoring; burping; flatulence; ear infections; and red, runny eyes. if you know or suspect that Fido has allergies, take him to the vet immediately, so you can get a proper diagnosis. Your vet may need to run some tests to pinpoint exactly what your pooch is reacting to. Once the culprit has been identified, you’ll be able to discuss specific treatment options. These may range from medicine to specific diets or care regimens. Follow your vet’s advice to the letter.


Dust can irritate both people and pets. Vacuuming and dusting regularly will help a lot with keeping dust levels down in your home. We also recommend changing your air filters regularly. Washing your canine buddy’s bedding every week or so will help as well. Use hot water, an unscented detergent, and the hottest dryer cycle.


Dogs can easily pick up pollen, dust, and chemicals on their paws and bellies just by running and playing outdoors. Wipe your canine companion’s feet and tummy down with a damp cloth when you bring him back inside after his walks.

Pollen Counts

Keep an eye on pollen counts. There are many smartphone apps that make it easy to do this. When levels are high, limit Fido’s outdoor time.


Try to choose hypoallergenic products for your home. Cleaning agents, shampoos, detergents, and other chemicals can all cause reactions in our canine pals. Ask your vet to recommend a doggy shampoo that is safe for your furry friend.

Parasite Control

Dogs can be allergic to insect bites, such as fleabites. Keep up with Fido’s parasite control products! You can also take some steps to make your property unattractive to pests. Remove debris and dead vegetation, keep plants and bushes neatly trimmed, and clean out shady, dusty areas regularly.

Do you know or suspect that your dog has allergies? Contact us, your local Las Vegas, NV animal clinic, today!

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