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Holidays With Fluffy

The holidays are coming up quickly! As you start preparing for the hustle and bustle of the season, keep your feline friend in mind. In …
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Thanksgiving With Fido

With Thanksgiving approaching fast, many of us are looking forward to savoring some of that delicious holiday food with our friends and families. Don’t forget …
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Keeping a Hamster Happy

Are you looking for a pet that is tiny but super cute? A hamster just might fit the bill! These little guys are very lovable. …
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Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

Summer is here. Hot weather can be very dangerous for our animal companions. One thing that is very important at this time of year is …
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Happy Healthy Cat Month

Did you know that September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month? Of course, for us, every month is Happy Healthy Cat Month. After all, healthy cats …
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Cold Treats for Dogs

The dog days of summer are here! Many of us enjoy having a cold snack on those sweltering summer days. Of course, our canine buddies …
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Tips for Feeding Koi

Koi fish are very beautiful, and can turn even a small yard into a little spot of paradise. However, while koi aren’t difficult to care …
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