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Fido’s Year In Review

January 3, 2022

Happy New Year to you! We’ll be seeing lots of best-of lists for 2021 over the next few days. And of course, no end-of-year recap would be complete without Man’s Best Friend! Here, a vet lists some top doggy highlights of 2021 below. 

The Name Game

This year 2021’s analysis of popular pet names found Covid-related dog names, such as Zoom, Fauci, and Pfizer becoming quite popular. A few high-tech names, like Siri and Google, are also gaining ground. 


Anyone hate background noise? So does your dog! Common household noises, such as microwaves beeping, were found to be a source of stress for Fido by researchers from the University of California. The most upsetting noises were high frequency sounds, like the ones emitted by smoke alarms. (We’re with you on that one, buddy.)

A Stick Library for Fido

New Zealand is enjoying a lot of wagging tails this year. A man named Andrew Taylor chopped some branches off his own trees to make a stick library for the local pups after noticing a dire lack of sticks in the area.

If The Slipper Fits

Digger, a Yorkie canine, is a perfect example of how cute senior dogs can be. After the pup’s owner passed away, he ended up in a shelter … along with an old slipper he refused to give up. So the pooch and the slipper were adopted together. 

Favorite Tunes

A group of researchers in Britain did a real survey of 1000 pups. The goal? Finding out what Fido’s favorite holiday tune was. The winner turned out to be Wham’s hit Last Christmas. In second and third place were Jingle Bells and Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, in that order. 

A Very Good Boy

With each passing year, we hear some amazing stories about dogs that go above and beyond to help their humans, sometimes saving their lives. That’s certainly the case with an 8-year- old Boston Terrier named Henry from Connecticut. This good boy drew his owners’ attention to their infant daughter, who was having trouble breathing. His early warnings helped save the baby’s life. 

Mystery Solved

This year, one interesting discovery shed some light on dogs’ coat pattern genetics. A gene responsible for very pale coats was discovered to be over two million years old. Scientists traced it back to a relative of the modern wolf, which was one of Fido’s now -extinct ancestors. 

We hope you have a wonderful new year. Please contact us anytime! 

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