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Bathing a Hedgehog

August 15, 2020

Hedgehogs are becoming quite popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. After all, they are absolutely adorable! Hedgehogs do have some specific care needs, though, including bathing requirements. A local Las Vegas, NV vet offers a few tips on bathing your pet hedgehog below.

Bathing Frequency

Many people get confused about how often they should bathe their hedgehogs. Your vet should be the ultimate authority here. That said, in general, about once a month is good. Don’t bathe your pet too often: this could dry out his skin!


Before bringing your pet into the bathroom, gather everything you need. You’ll want to get a tear-free baby shampoo; a soft, clean towel; a toothbrush; and a cup. It’s also a good idea to put a small non-slip mat in your tub or sink.


Use water that is warm, not hot. You don’t need much: three inches is plenty for an adult hedgehog. If you have a baby, you’ll need even less. Make sure your pet isn’t over his head!


Once you’ve gotten your quilled pal wet, go ahead and lather him up. You can be generous with suds when lathering up his belly, but don’t use too much soap on his quills. Be careful not to get suds in his face or eyes! One you’ve lathered your pet up, use a soft toothbrush to very gently scrub his feet and quills, going in the direction of the quills. Go slowly, and talk to your pet gently so he doesn’t get scared.


Once your little buddy is clean, rinse him off carefully. You may want to use a cup or small pitcher. Make sure you get all the suds! Otherwise, they could irritate your pet’s skin.


This is a good time to trim your hedgehog’s claws, as they’ll be soft. Ask your vet for specific advice!


As you may know, hedgehogs roll themselves up into little balls when they are scared. If your pet does this, gently massage him with a towel, and talk to him to calm him down.


All done? Dry your little buddy off using a soft, clean towel. Don’t rub too hard! When your pet is dry, offer him a yummy treat, or perhaps a new toy.

As your Las Vegas, NV vet clinic, we are dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Contact us anytime!

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