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Helping Your Dog Beat the Heat

June 1, 2020

Summer is coming up quickly! The heat is always a big concern at this time of year, especially for our canine pals. Dogs can overheat very quickly, and don’t have many ways to cool off. A Las Vegas, NV vet goes over some summer dog care tips below.


First and foremost, be sure to keep Fido properly hydrated. If you have a yard, make sure your furry buddy has water bowls both indoors and outdoors. Clean and refill these daily, as otherwise they will collect dangerous bacteria. Outdoor dishes can also be contaminated by wild animals, such as poisonous toads. Of course, many animals prefer to drink running water. Consider getting your pooch a pet fountain! You can also drop an ice cube into your pup’s water bowl on sweltering days.


Adjust Fido’s schedule a bit, so that you walk and play with him in the mornings and evenings. Let your four-legged pal relax indoors, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioning, during the hottest parts of the day.

Paw Care

Paw burns are very common at this time of year. Fido can get 3 rd degree burns by walking on hot tar or sand! Don’t assume that it’s safe as soon as the sun sets: it takes pavement a while to cool down. Keep your furry best friend on soft ground as much as you can, and use paw balm to protect his feet. Booties can also help, though not all dogs will tolerate them.

Cold Treats

This one will definitely get that cute tail going! Cold snacks are a great way to cool Fido off on a sweltering day. You can buy some doggy ice cream, or make your own. You’ll also find lots of recipes for other cold treats, like pupsicles. Just stick to ingredients you know are safe for your canine buddy.

Cooling Devices

You may have seen cooling vests for dogs. These are great for scorching days! There are a few different types. Some are filled with gel, and should be kept in the freezer. Others you just soak with water before putting them on. Another option is to soak a bandana and tie it around Fido’s neck. (Bonus: this can make for some super cute photos.)

Please reach out to us, your local Las Vegas, NV vet clinic, anytime. We are dedicated to offering great veterinary care!

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