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Caring For Sugar Gliders

March 15, 2020

Are you looking for a pet that is small but super cute? Sugar gliders may be a great choice! These little guys are very affectionate and loyal, and they are lots of fun to watch. A Las Vegas, NV vet discusses sugar glider care in this article.


Sugar gliders will get lonely and depressed without any buddies, so you really should never have just one. You should generally keep only same-sex gliders together, though you can put a neutered male in with females. Don’t put unneutered males together, as they will fight.


Your pets will need a cage that at least 3 feet high and 2 feet wide, with bars spaced no more than a half-inch apart. Once you have the cage picked out, you’ll need to offer your gliders plenty of things to climb. Bird perches, braided rope toys, and ladders are all good options. You should also provide each glider with a pouch. Although your tiny pets may sometimes cuddle up to sleep, there will be times when they prefer to sleep separately.


Sugar gliders that have been properly socialized are usually quite timid, and will rarely, if ever, bite. However, your pets may be frightened of you at first. To bond with your gliders, try putting them in a pouch, and then put the pouch on your lap. Also, talk to them gently and offer treats. Touch them, hold them, and just let them get used to you. These guys are sensitive to light, so make sure your home isn’t too bright when you take them out of their cage.


One thing to keep in mind before adopting sugar gliders is the fact that you may need to make your pets custom meals. Gliders need protein, such as chicken, turkey, mealworms, or dried bugs. You’ll also need to provide specific fruits and veggies. Avoid canned fruits and veggies: use fresh or frozen. As for treats, you can give your pet yogurt drops, apple juice mixed with water, or applesauce. You can also mix honey and chicken in a blender. Never give them chocolate, dairy, garlic, onions, caffeine, alcohol, nuts, or mushrooms. Ask your vet for specific advice, including safe and unsafe foods, supplements, and serving sizes.

Please contact us, your Las Vegas, NV vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about caring for sugar gliders. We’re here to help!

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