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Caring For A Deaf Dog

November 1, 2019

Did you know that between 5 and 10 percent of our canine pals have hearing trouble? Although deafness is slightly more common in white dogs-who are often affected because of genetics-any dog can lose their hearing due to infection, injury, or simple old age. However, caring for a pooch that can’t hear isn’t necessarily very difficult. In fact, you may just need to do some things a bit differently than you would with a pup who can hear. A Las Vegas, NV vet offers a few helpful tips on caring for deaf dogs in this article.


Training is just as important for dogs with hearing impairments as it is for any other dog. Teach Fido to respond to voice commands rather than hand signals. You may also want to train your pup to come when you wave a flashlight. This will help you call him to you at night.

Avoid Surprises

Deaf dogs can’t always tell when someone is approaching from behind, so they’re prone to being startled. This can make Fido jumpy. As you can imagine, being constantly surprised from behind gets old pretty quickly, so it often becomes a pet peeve with dogs that can’t hear well. Stomp your foot to get your pet’s attention before you approach him. Also, if you are leaving, be sure to wake your dog up to say goodbye. Our canine friends often get distressed when they wake up to find themselves alone!


When walking Fido, keep him on a close leash. If you are walking along the side of a road, keep your pup to the outside. Also, walk facing traffic, so your dog can see approaching cars.


It’s important to let people know that your canine companion can’t hear. You may want to put a little sign or vest on Fido when you are out and about with him, or when you’re having company over.

Piano Tones

Sometimes dogs that can’t hear well can still pick up notes in a very low range. If you happen to have a piano, try striking one of the lower keys. If Fido seems to react, you may be able to train him to come when you play a specific note.

Please reach out to us, your local Las Vegas, NV vet, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help.

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