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6 Cute Ways to Tell if Your Cat is Happy

July 1, 2018

Kitties are very amusing pets. Fluffy’s adorable meows, silly antics, and cute quirks really have helped her earn a special place in our homes. However, our feline buddies aren’t always easy to read. They can be purring and cuddly one moment, and annoyed the next. How do you know if your cat is happy? A Las Vegas, NV vet offers some hints in this article.


Does your kitty meow back when you talk to her? Even if Fluffy isn’t the chattiest cat around, if she responds to you in some way, such as flicking her tail or giving you a ‘silent’ meow, it’s a good sign. Happy cats like to engage with their humans!


Our feline friends put quite a bit of effort into grooming themselves. Fluffy may spend time every day making sure that her fur stays soft and shiny. If your pet is feeling anxious, sick, sad, or scared, she may neglect her usual beauty routine, which will make her coat look matted or greasy. Clear eyes and a good body weight are also good signs, as are good ‘scores’ on a veterinary exam. After all, healthy cats are happy cats!

Sleeping Habits

If your furry buddy is confidant and happy, she won’t be shy about where and how she sleeps. Fluffy may curl up on your lap, sprawl out in the middle of the floor, or drape herself over the back of your sofa. Of course, kitties also like to nap in some rather unusual places or positions, but that’s another topic entirely.


Cats are quite playful and frisky by nature. If you often see your furry pal attacking your shoelaces, batting a toy around in the kitchen, or generally acting frolicsome, there’s a pretty good chance that Fluffy is content.


We probably don’t have to tell you what Fluffy’s cutest show of happiness is: the purr! Kitties actually vibrate with happiness! Your pet may also express her happiness by sleeping on top of you, following you around, and hopping into your lap.

The Smug Look

Kitties can actually be quite expressive. If your feline pal is content, she may have a smug, self-satisfied look on her furry face.

Please reach out to us, your Las Vegas, NV pet hospital, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are happy to help!

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