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Guinea Pig Care Tips

March 1, 2018

March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month! Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are very adorable and lovable little pets. In fact, they’re often chosen as children’s pets, because they are small, gentle, and fairly easy to care for. Below, a Las Vegas, NV vet discusses Guinea pig care.


Make sure your cavy has a comfy, sizeable cage. One Guinea pig will need about 7.5 square feet. However, cavies are always happier with friends. You may want to get more than one, in which case you’ll need a bigger cage. We recommend getting a wire cage with a solid floor. You’ll need to add a suitable substrate, such as aspen. You can also use fleece bedding. Avoid pine or cedar substrates, which are toxic to small animals. Your pet will also need a hidey-hole, a water bottle, and dishes. Put the cage in a quiet spot, where your cavy can see and hear you, but isn’t surrounded by commotion.


Good nutrition is a cornerstone of any good pet care routine. Cavies need lots of grass hay, such as Timothy hay. The little guy can have commercial pellets for his main meals. To round out your cute pet’s menu, you’ll need to offer him fresh veggies and the occasional bit of fruit. Include plenty of foods that contain Vitamin C, which is crucial to your cavy’s health. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including safe and unsafe foods, suitable treats, and portion sizes.


Guinea pigs need lots of toys, including suitable chew toys. You can make cavy toys out of many wood, wicker, and cardboard items. Just avoid items with small parts or sharp edges, as well as anything coated in glitter, paint, or varnish.


Watch your Guinea pig closely for signs of illness. Some common ones are unkempt fur, lethargy, breathing issues, fever, and diarrhea. Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.


These little guys can be quite lovable, and often enjoy being held. However, to keep your cavy tame and socialized, you’ll need to spend time with him every day. Just pet your Guinea pig, talk to him, and play with him. You may even be able to teach your adorable pet some simple tricks!

Please contact us, your Las Vegas, NV pet clinic, with any questions or concerns about Guinea pig care. We’re here to help!

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