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Teaching Your Cat Better Petiquette

February 15, 2018

Does your cat have a few bad habits? Kitties all have their own personalities, just like people. And while our feline buddies are all quite cute, they definitely aren’t perfect. If your pet has a bad habit, such as playing rough or scratching inappropriately, read on! A Las Vegas, NV vet offers some helpful tips on teaching Fluffy better manners in this article.

Avoid Punishment

It’s probably a bit of an understatement to say that cats don’t think like we do. However, it’s important to realize that they don’t understand many concepts that we use, such as punishment. Never punish your pet for doing something wrong. Cats usually act according to instinct, so Fluffy may not understand why you are angry. Therefore, if you punish your feline friend for misbehaving, you may just end up making her feel scared or confused, which may make matters worse. If your kitty pounces on your toes, you can tell her ‘No’ or ‘Don’t bite’ in a firm tone, but anything beyond that will be counter-productive.

Ignore Bad Behavior

If your cat is pouncing on your toes, walk away and ignore her. Sooner or later, Fluffy will get the hint!

Startling Your Pet

One of the best ways to address Fluffy’s bad habit is to make her associate that behavior with something that annoys her, such as getting wet or being startled by loud noises. Do you want to keep Fluffy from scratching your sofa? The next time you see her using your furniture as a manicure station, squirt her with water or clap your hands.

Reward Good Behavior

When trying to teach your kitty better manners, it’s important to reward Fluffy for being good. Offer your feline buddy treats, toys, and praise when she does something right. You may also want to tell your pet she’s being a good kitty. Cats love getting complimented!


Did you know that making sure your cat is getting enough activity and entertainment can actually get her to behave better? Bored kitties sometimes channel their excess energy into bad habits, like scratching or even inappropriate spraying. However, if you tire Fluffy out with a fun play session, she’ll be more interested in napping than in making mischief.

Is your cat due for an exam? Feel free to contact us, your local Las Vegas, NV pet hospital, anytime! We’re always here to help!

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