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Fido’s Cutest New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! Are you setting new goals for yourself this year? If so, your canine pal will be right there with you as you strive to meet your resolutions, offering you support in the form of tail wags and doggy kisses. But if Fido were to make resolutions for himself, what do you think would be on his list? A Las Vegas, NV vet lists a few strong possibilities below.

Eat More Bacon

Dogs are very, very good at getting us to hand over yummy tidbits. Fido’s begging face can be hard to resist! It’s fine to offer your pooch the occasional treat. Just don’t go overboard with fatty snacks.

Get Lots of Belly Rubs

Does your canine buddy close his eyes in bliss when you rub his belly? Or does your pooch prefer getting his back scratched? No matter what Fido’s favorite form of affection is, he’ll want as much as he can possibly get in the coming year. Help your pet meet this goal by giving him lots of attention!

Go On Adventures!

Dogs are very curious and intelligent, and really benefit from the mental stimulation they get by exploring new areas. However, you don’t have to go very far to give Fido a good change of scenery. Take your pup to a doggy park this year, or try a new walking route.


There are few things more adorable than a frisky pup playing with his favorite toy. Playing isn’t just fun for Fido, however. A fun session of Fetch will help your pooch burn off his excess energy, so he’ll be calmer after. This can be really helpful in curbing bad doggy behaviors, such as digging and chewing. It’s also a great way for you to bond with your pet!

Spend Quality Time

Dogs are truly amazing animals, and have almost a sixth sense when it comes to knowing when their human buddies are feeling sad or distressed. Fido will stick loyally by your side in 2018, no matter what the year brings. Spend some quality time with your pet every day. Talk to him, play with him, and offer lots of ear scritches. Time spent with dogs is never wasted!

Is your dog due for veterinary care? Call us, your Las Vegas, NV pet hospital! We look forward to providing your pet with excellent care in 2018 and beyond.

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