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6 Things That Can Endanger Koi

April 15, 2016

Are you considering keeping koi fish? Koi are beautiful, and can be quite fascinating to watch. Although koi are quite hardy, just like any other animal, they do have specific care needs, and are susceptible to illnesses and injuries. In this article, a Southwest Las Vegas, NV veterinarian lists some things that can hurt your koi.

Water Quality

Proper filtration and water conditions are both very important. While each pond will have its own unique parameters, you’ll have to learn how to test conditions, and make adjustments as needed. You’ll need a testing kit and thermometer. You’ll also need to monitor your pond’s oxygen levels: as your fish and plants grow, they’ll use more oxygen, which can result in oxygen deprivation. Keep this in mind when initially stocking your pond. Those cute 3-inch babies will grow rapidly, and as they do, the water conditions will change. Ask your vet for advice on keeping proper water conditions.


Just like any other animal, koi are susceptible to natural parasites. You may be able to spot certain parasites on your koi using a magnifying glass. Parasites can also cause your fish to lose their color, act lethargic, and/or stop eating.


If you have an outdoor water garden, you’ll need to be careful about using pesticides in your yard, as the chemicals can seep into your koi pond. A raised barrier around your pond can help prevent runoff from contaminating your pond during heavy rains. Good drainage is also important, even in dry climates.


Koi can make a very easy and appetizing meal for a hungry animal on the prowl. Even your own cats and dogs can be tempted by your water garden. Install a good fence or barrier. Using a bird net can also help keep out dangerous predators.


While there is no way to completely guarantee that your fish won’t get sick, providing your koi with good conditions and a proper diet will help keep them strong and healthy, and lower the risks of illness. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Sharp Objects

Sharp rocks or gravel can cause injuries or ulcers, which can then lead to infections. Choosing a smooth surface for the bottom of your pond can help prevent this.

Do you have questions about koi care? We can help! Call us, your Southwest Las Vegas, NV animal clinic, today!

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