Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preventive Care?
Regular examinations, vaccinations, screenings and other medical procedures provide your veterinarian with information about your pet’s body, organs and overall health. By looking at your pet on a regular basis and measuring changes in their health, issues can be detected earlier and you and your veterinarian can follow through with treatment sooner to avoid illness becoming costlier in the future. This approach to pet healthcare is called preventive care.
What Does Preventive Care Include?
Preventive care includes services such as routine checkups, necessary vaccinations, intestinal parasite screens and recommended blood and urine screens. It may also include dental cleanings and other recommended services. Your pet’s age, species, breed and overall health status will play a role in determining which services are needed in their preventive care protocol.
Do Young Pets Need Preventive Care?
Absolutely! Illnesses and disease can affect a puppy or kitten’s health too. Preventive care can include vaccine series to protect against such dangerous diseases as distemper and rabies. Services also often include spaying and neutering your young pet, as well as blood screening to establish baseline information for early detection of potential health threats in the future.
Do Senior Pets Need Preventive Care?
Absolutely! In fact, regular checkups and screenings are an essential part of making sure problems are caught early – a crucial part of keeping your senior pet happy and healthy as long as possible. Preventive care services for senior pets can include twice-annual checkups, blood and urine screening, dental cleanings, vaccinations, parasite control and more.
What Are Ohana Preventive Care Memberships by Petly Plans?
Ohana Preventive Care Memberships are affordable monthly payment plans for your pet’s preventive-care services. These care plans were created by your Aloha Veterinary Team to help make taking care of your pet convenient and affordable. Ohana Preventive Care Memberships allow you and your vet to customize a plan to meet your individual needs and budget – and arrange monthly payments for those services.
Is There a Membership Fee?
Yes. You and your veterinarian will determine which care package is right for you and your budget. Once that is determined, you pay a monthly membership fee based on the plan you choose.
Can I Cancel or Change My Plan?
Yes. We understand that circumstances change and that life is hard to predict. We make it easy to change or cancel your plan at any time. You will be responsible only for the regular price of services you’ve used so far, but won’t be penalized or charged fees for cancellation.
Is This an Insurance Policy?
No. It’s important to note that Ohana Preventive Care Memberships by Petly Plans are not the same thing as pet insurance. Membership Plans help you manage the cost of necessary regular preventive care for your pet. Pet insurance helps offset costs of catastrophic events, like unexpected accidents or illnesses.
Is an Ohana Preventive Care Membership Right for Me?
Are you likely to visit your veterinarian one or more times a year? Do you want your pet to be current with vaccinations? Do you see signs of gum disease or other dental issues? Does your pet’s breed or genetic history suggest that you watch out for specific health concerns? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then an Ohana Preventive Care Memberships is right for you. Talk to your veterinarian about which Ohana Preventive Care Plan is best for your pet today!

Ohana Preventive Care Memberships by IDEXX Petly Plans


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