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COVID-19 Updates



Your questions are important to us! For non-urgent questions and refill requests, please send us a text or email.

Call: 702-567-5222
Email: [email protected]

Responses within 1 Business day

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Dear Valued Clients,

We understand the concerns and questions that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought to the area and felt it was important to connect with you, our loyal clients, to share information that can help put your mind at ease, and assure you we are staying on top of the emerging information as it becomes available.

While we are still learning much in regards to the virus, we are confident that our pets are not a reservoir for this novel corona virus and pet to human transmission of COVID-19 does not occur.

As a matter of good health, we do urge you to follow recommended sanitation and hygiene any time you interact with a pet and isolate from your pet just as you would from other family members if you are infected with COVID-19. We urge you to keep up to date on the facts from validated resources, such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), in regards to your pets and the virus; And of course continuing to monitor information from the CDC, WHO and other public health agencies.

Other important points we’d like to share regarding visiting our office:

  • Our office hours will remain the same: M-F 8:00am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm. At this time we are seeing patients by appointment only. Please call to schedule an appointment or visit our website homepage to make an appointment online.
  • We will continue to perform elective surgery during this time as long as it does not interfere with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply. We wash, re-sterilize and reuse all of our gowns, and our caps/masks can be reused unless contaminated. Thus, our surgeries will not in any way impact the PPE supply.
  • We ask that any general non-emergent questions such as diet and general care questions or refill requests be sent to us via email or text message. You can text our office at 702-567-5222 or email us and we will respond within 1 business day.
  • For your medication needs, we offer an extensive online pharmacy with competitive prices that allows us to ship medications right to your door.
  • Our dedicated staff has been advised to remain at home if they are running a fever or if a family member is suspected of having COVID-19.
  • In an effort to keep our staff healthy, maintain the ability to provide services, and do our part in helping to stall the spread of the corona virus, we kindly ask any client who is currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to call and reschedule their non urgent appointments or have someone else drop off your pet if it requires urgent care. We kindly ask that you notify us in advance of this situation so that we may take extra precautions to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Your questions and concerns are still important to us. For non-urgent needs please text our office at 702-576-5222 or email us. You can also make appointments via our pet portal. For urgent needs, please call our office at 702-567-5222. We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this time. As always, remember to wash your hands!

Best Wishes,

The Pet Crazy Staff at Aloha Animal Hospital

Aloha Animal Hospital


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